Advanced Certificate Program in ABA

ABA Certificate application deadline for Fall 2019 applications has passed. The ABA Certificate application deadline for Fall 2020 is May 1, 2020!

Our curriculum is pre-approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (3rd, 4th, and 5th task list editions) and meets the education requirement for NY State Licensed Behavior Analyst credential.

In order to assist students with gaining practical experience and experience hours toward both credentials, we have an on-campus center with opportunities for students to learn to implement behavior analytic methods through our expert faculty.

QC ACES, The Queens College Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Evidence Based Services consists of provides on-campus clinical opportunities through:

  • SIBS Club, which is directed by Dr. Emily Jones, and serves families of children with autism and focuses on improving sibling relationships.
  • The Behavior Disorders Clinic, which is directed by Dr. Joshua Jessel, and serves children with Autism and focuses on treating challenging behavior.

We have also partnered with several local human service organizations. We partner with private schools:

and agencies:

Our students work at these sites, often conduct classroom and research projects at these sites, and obtain supervised ABA experience.


The goal of the Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis is to prepare people to design, deliver, and evaluate individualized behavioral intervention.  The aim of the certificate program is to provide practitioners with high-quality academic training in applied behavior analysis.  To that end, faculty carefully integrate the practicum coursework experience with didactic course work to provide a meaningful repertoire of behavior analysis skills and to help prepare professionals for the National Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Examination.

An advanced certificate in ABA from Queens College will benefit individuals who already possess a Master’s degree, but are missing the ABA coursework necessary to sit for the BCBA examination.  The program provides a focused sequence of courses for individuals in fields such as psychology, education, social work, speech pathology, or other fields who are seeking training in applied behavior analysis.

Graduates will have an advantage over other applicants for employment in public and private schools, residential and vocational training facilities, and service agencies for individuals in need of behavioral intervention for teaching particular skills and remediating maladaptive behavior.

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The program is a total of 27 credits and is designed to be completed in one and a half - two years  if a student enrolls full-time.  Typically, students complete the program in 1.5  to 2 years.

Most of the courses are offered late afternoon and early evening to accommodate persons who work full-time.  Each class meets once a week throughout the semester during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The certificate program is not a Master’s program, and thus, a graduate degree is not awarded upon completion of the coursework. The program is designed to fulfill the coursework requirements necessary to sit for the BCBA national exam (, it does NOT fulfill the experience supervision requirements for the BCBA.  You DO NOT receive your BCBA upon completion of our program - you will have simply met the coursework requirements necessary to sit for the exam.  Students (on their own) must research the requirements for the practice component of the BCBA.

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Admission Requirements

Applicants must have earned a Master’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Additionally, applicants will be required to have some background in psychology (ie., courses in learning, advanced experimental psychology, developmental disabilities, behavior analysis, etc.). Background in special education and/or field-based experience in behavior analysis are an added strength.

The GRE is NOT required, but students for whom English is not a native language must show a score of 600 or higher on the TOEFL.

Please submit 3 letters of reference from professors who can speak to your skill level in successfully completing coursework.  We also accept letters from leadership in organizations where you work.  Letters from colleagues are not acceptable.

Application Process

Application to the ABA Certificate program requires: (a) a personal statement/essay, (b) 3 letters of reference, (c) official undergraduate & graduate transcripts, and (d) TOEFL scores (if necessary)

Applications are due by May 1st of each year for Fall admission. Applications can be completed electronically by clicking on the website here. Questions about the application should be directed to the Office of Graduate Admissions, 718-997-5200. Please note: the Program Code for the ABA Certificate Program is: 803/BEHANL-AC

Information about Tuition can be found by clicking here:

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See the Advanced Certificate in ABA Progress Monitor

All students must complete all required courses below:

27 credits of required courses:

720.05: Autism OR PSY 791.3 Special Topics: Autism Treatment (3 cr)
730.00: Psychology of Learning  (3 cr)
730.01: Theory and Method in Applied Behavior Analysis I (3 cr)
730.05: Applied Behavior Analysis: Measurement and Applied Project I (3 cr)
730.02: Theory and Method in Applied Behavior Analysis II (3 cr)
730.06: Applied Behavior Analysis: Measurement and Applied Project II (3 cr)
791.3: Fieldwork Project in Applied Behavior Analysis (3 cr)
771.3: Ethical Issues in Psychology (3 cr)
791.3: Record Keeping (3 cr)

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