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What is the difference between the ABA Masters & ABA Cert Program?

The difference between the ABA Master’s and ABA certificate program is that the Certificate program is just the ABA coursework for the BCBA and license and is meant to compliment a related Master’s degree. For BCBA and the license one needs an MA and the ABA coursework. The ABA Master’s gives one the Master’s and ABA coursework. If you only have a Bachelor’s degree, you should consider the ABA Master’s program.

What are the acceptable GRE scores?

The GRE scores vary from year to year. Last year the mean percentile rank for admitted students was the 40th percentile.

Can you clarify exempt vs non-exempt in terms of BCBA experience?

In terms of BCBA experience, you can contact for information about what qualifies. In terms of earning experience hours toward the New York State License in Behavior Analysis (LBA), those hours can only be accrued through program-approved experiences while a student (we have a number of collaborations). After you complete the program, the remaining state hours can be accrued under a limited permit.

Do you accept transfer credits?

Transfer courses can be evaluated by the program faculty upon a student’s acceptance into the program and the student’s request to transfer those courses. We would need syllabi for the courses, so please make sure you have them. It is not possible to say whether those courses would transfer until you have been accepted into the program and request the transfer.

How will I receive the supervision needed to take the BCBA/LBA exam?

We have collaborations with local human service organizations. Some of our students apply to work at these sites and, if accepted, accrue both national certification and NY State license experience hours

Can one complete the MA program part time? For example, can one take 1 or 2 classes per semester?

Yes, you may take one or two classes per semester instead of 3. However, please note that there is at least a 2-semester sequence when one must take 2 classes a semester.

What is the acceptance rate of the program?

The acceptance rate is about 40%.

What makes a strong candidate?

Strong candidates have exceeded the admissions requirements stated on the website.

The recommendations, do they need to be from professors, employers, or from someone else?

Recommendations from professors are best and preferred, supervisors are acceptable, but no peers.

Do I still need a GRE exam even though I have already completed my masters degree?

If you already have an MA, you do NOT need to take the GREs

What is the minimum GRE score for admission to the ABA MA Program?

We do not have a minimum score, the average score is 40th percentile for individuals admitted to the program.

If I don’t have ABA relevant experiences so far, is there anything that I can do to improve or make up the gap in order to be admitted to the ABA MA Program? Or does the work experience have to be related to ABA?

Not everyone admitted has ABA experience. However, most folks have some sort of experience helping others.

What is the length of the personal essay for admission to the ABA MA Program?

Ask the Graduate Admissions Office about the essay length

I saw it says on the Queens College website that at least two of the recommendation letters should be from instructors who can attest the applicant’s capacity to complete successfully a program of graduate studies. The questions that I have are: a. Can the applicant’s employer’s management level personnel attest and provide a recommendation letter as well? b. Can a professional personnel address the applicant’s potential in the profession and ability to complete a graduate program?

We need professors to attest to one’s ability to handle difficult classes.

One of the requirements is an undergraduate overall GPA greater than 3.00. My GPA is 2.90. Does this make me ineligible to apply/be admitted to the ABA MA Program? 

The 3.0 minimum GPA is not negotiable. If one has lower grades, an option is to apply as an undergraduate non-matriculated student to complete additional courses to bring one’s GPA up.

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